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On-going activities


1. General, conceptual activities

  • Establishment of section on Human Security on Website of ETC.
  • Establish the online-journal “Human Security Perspectives” to contribute to the global human security community.


2. Human rights education and human security

  • Dissemination and development (updates and translations) of the manual “Understanding Human Rights”.
  • Training activities on human security (seminars, conferences, workshops, symposia).
  • Organization of seminars, conferences, workshops, and symposia in the field of human security, e.g. the symposium on “human security responses to 9/11”, Vienna 2002, or the seminar on “human security and the prevention of crime and corruption”, Graz 2003.
  • Introducing Human Security into curricula in the field of human security education and developing of curricula for human security education.
  • Preparation of the 2nd international “Summer Academy on Human Rights and Human Security”, to be held in August/September 2004.


3. Building human security in post-conflict situations: South-East-Europe as an example

  • Cross-border partnership in post-conflict situations: The Human Rights Centres Network in South-East-Europe.


4. Human security and the local level


5. Research activities

  • Publication of papers in the field of human security, e.g. “Human Security and Prevention of Terrorism” by Wolfgang Benedek, or “Human Security and Human Rights” by Gerd Oberleitner.
  • Cluster of student papers and diploma thesis.